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Leveraging Culture to maintain company values when scaling - Daniel Simpson

Leveraging Culture to maintain company values when scaling - Daniel Simpson

Daniel Simpson is General Manager of BSS and Griffin Psychology, a mental health provider specialising in the resources and heavy industry sector.

I caught Daniel at an interesting point in time as BSS looks to leverage culture to maintain company values as it scales and expands through its strategy plan.

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My key learning nuggets from the conversation:

  • Founding directors and have a strong sense of identity – who we are and why we exist – even 20+ years on

  • Culture is crucially linked to performance and how we see ourselves and our vision, rather than the market

  • Identity strongly linked to the service that is being provided; serving both individuals and the organisation

  • Employ all staff rather than contract – therefore not just offering income but a chance to be part of a team and knowledge base; this provides greater opportunity to influence culture

  • Assimilation into the culture can be a slow burn, this can be accelerated by feeling out a good cultural and value fit at the recruitment phase (something that can incentivised through ‘finders bonus’ for current employees)

  • Maintenance of culture is the responsibility and accountability of all; particularly as individuals can have a huge impact in a small to medium size company – this can be productive by adding new facets to the culture, but it can also be to the detriment of the culture

  • ‘everyone with a share in the business, is in the business’ this creates a level of accountability for performance and culture alike

  • Culture is an agenda item for the management board and features in the strategic plan

  • Culture plays a key role to maintain values as a business begins to scale

  • Persistent measurement of management decisions against its cultural impact

  • Within management structure, all managers have a say in all parts of the business by encouraging respectful cross department questioning (e.g. financial and clinical)

  • Culture is the story that the company lives and breathes; it permeates out to employees and clients even when they’re not in contact with the company

  • Culture is what drives individuals and the company at large

  • Work has to be more than just about money – e.g. upstanding, creativity, mean something

  • As a service provider, it is very important to understand the culture of your client, particularly to offer a culturally appropriate solution

  • Personal culture creating – key behaviours are role modelling and transparency (e.g. consistent good decision rather than an over focus on one major decision)

  • If you are honest about when things aren’t so good, then people will believe you when you say they are; particularly as people do need to know

  • If you are clear about when things aren’t so good, people will pull together for the betterment of the company

  • Culture is more than a shiny Linkedin post, there are some harder less soft decisions that need to be made to maintain a robust culture (including having a long hard look at yourself)Thanks for reading! Subscribe for free to join me on the journey into deeper understanding of Culture

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Patterns of Life & Cutlure
The Culture Creators
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